What will this Barbie wear? Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 Part 5


The grand total of the bill for my virtual shopping spree was $155,750.

This included 7 days each in NYC, London, Milan and 10 days in Paris.

I included the hotels, food, plane tickets, shopping and miscellaneous mad money for coffees, cocktails, coffee and whatever else.

The most I spent was in Paris, just the shopping itself cost $100,000.

Crazy, I know but true. Shopping virtually means that I do not hold back and I buy whatever I feel works for me. In my real world it is different but again, this is not my real world. In my real world I do not even care to own a closet big enough to hold all of my virtual purchases… It has, however, given myself a very clear idea on what key pieces I want to have for this upcoming S/S season and they are:

* jodphurs, at any length.
* great sexy pantsuit that has a tomboy feel to it.
* oxford flats.
* sweet little dresses with prints.
* a great pair of skinny leather pants.
* prints.
* white pieces either a dress or top/slacks.
* original tops and tees.
* sexy heels with color.

On a final note which I am giddy to announce… The one dress I picked (above photo) from Elie Saab’s collection, in my previous report, is seen worn by Leighton Meester or other known as Blair Waldorf.

What a wonderful synchronicity far beyond my capability. (big grin!)

Photos Credits © Yannis Vlamos / GoRunway.com and Abaca