The Lady Gaga A Gogo Exhibition in Paris

I was recently invited by Paulina Leonor Lempicka to attend her Graphic Art Exhibit and other Artists showing their work in honoring Lady Gaga at Galerie Chappe on 4 rue André Barsacq, Paris 75018. However, I will concentrate primarily on the work of Paulina and a short introduction of multi-media artist Brisa Roché for this expose.

Above Image Poker Face by: Paulina Leonor Lempicka

As I approached the Gallery, there was a huge line of fans waiting to get in, but as the Gallery was packed, they had to wait their turn to get in.  Many waited for several hours before they could catch a glimpse of the wares that would unfold once they entered this wonderfully spacious gallery.

Above Lady Gaga Doll by: Paulina Leonor Lempicka

I was fortunate to have been invited, so I politely walked in front of those waiting to get in without an invite and entered easily. There was an eclectic panoply of humanity in attendance, from those looking ultra conservative to the totally outrageous. A typical Parisian opening…

Above Lady Gaga Telephone by: Paulina Leonor Lempicka

As I congregated amongst the guests Paulina lunged forward grabbed my hand and introduced me to her mother, French Designer Lolita Lempicka. She greeted me with the utmost dignity. I actually felt that I was in the company of someone more regal who could have fit quick nicely in to a 17th century Aristocratic soirée at Le Petit Palais in Paris, than in a 18th arrondissement Gallery in Montmartre. None the less, it was a short but sweet encounter.

Above Image of Brisa Roché with her Acrylic Painting called “Gaga Vanity”

I was also able to speak with Paulina more profoundly which I am pleased I did, as I discovered a bit more about her interest in her craft, which you can view in the video below. I also spoke with the curator of the exhibition Alexandra Boucherifi as well as gallery owner Alexandre Gilbert. I also briefly spoke with Multi-Media Artist Brisa Roché whom I plan on doing a more comprehensive interview with.

The Artists showing are Paulina Leonor (Lempicka), Brisa Roché, Lady K, Artus de Lavilléon, Marc Sich, Arnaud Pagès, Gwenael Billaud, and Orlan.

Watch the Video Here or on Daily Motion

Music Copyright © Lady Gaga

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