What will this Barbie wear? Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2011 – Part 1

The ABC’s of Pa-ree Part 1

I am sooo happy to return to Pa-ree to end my virtual shopping spree!  And what a lot of shows to scour for this Barbie. I will not have time to do much else then shop if I want to finish before Christmas! Pa-ree has the best shows overall because my ultimate designers show here, it just holds a “je ne c’est pas quoi” allure. Surprisingly, the biggest and the brightest did not tickle me as much as last year’s S/S but I was still able to buy a few great pieces!!!


A designer I always check out because I think she is great. For this upcoming season, all I can say is, it is the straight jacket re-vamped into the fencing jacket. Both shown in the traditional white and the best sold color, black. I do always like her shoes!

Alexander McQueen:

Continuing with the Elizabethan-look, I found a few pieces to notice. I still miss Alexander’s presence.


One Balenciaga which still surprises me. “Mais, c’est la vie!!”


Just pick through these great looks “à la Isabelle Marant”. A mixture of a lot of influences which no one really cares to know about. So just enjoy the pics!

Enough for today, on my way to Ladurée for my favourite Macaroon’s. I will start again tomorrow…