What will this Barbie Wear? New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

With the Spring/Summer fashion shows in full throttle, I decided to do a virtual shopping spree for next season’s wardrobe on what I consider to be the next HOT look. What shall this Barbie wear? Good question. I am happy to scan all of the collections, keeping the designers at my beck and call for this ride. I will basically tell you what I like while avoiding to reveal my disappointments where some of my old loves turned out to be old news. I am hoping they rekindle the flame for me for the Fall/Winter season.

So, where will Barbie spend her virtual money?


This a hot suit I would wear both hands down to work!! The color combination is sharp and it is easy to accessorize but with some sex appeal. The hip hugging, cropped pant is sure to please both the taller and shorter women. I could wear flats or stilettos with this number. Sold!

A slightly different flair for cocktails hours but the same core. Depending on where you work, wearing a great jacket with this may also pass in the office. The deep cleavage may be adjusted and will be perfect for a great jewelry piece.


As with Gwen Stefani, I had designed myself some great summer pieces out of African fabric for my personal summer wardrobe in 2009. There were some smidges of African prints in 2009 fashion scene but no big tidal waves. I love these prints with so many to choose from, at least here in France. One BIG tip: be careful on not over do look  with too many prints lest you end up looking like a Halloween costume.

Well, I give Gwen a green light since she is able to pull it off but most are not so lucky!


I know this is a hot newbies in NYC having begun in 2002 with Barney’s of NY but I found one item I would spend my virtual money on. A little fun dress. Sorry A + O!


He may seem to be considered boring by some but for me, he has impeccable taste. A timeless and healthy look on woman’s fashion designed by a man. Yawn, yawn? Not with this collection, there are definitely some great key add-on pieces to any existing wardrobe. I, however, do love this sharp pant get-up worn by one of my favorite models, Kasia Struss. Very casual yet chic.  Girls, check out the great sandal!!!. More great add-ons….


This is so far one of my favorite shows for this season, I love the Sonia Rykiel with a dash of Cacharel feel to it. The fresh little dresses, the great shoes, the stripes. It is so light and fresh that most anyone could feel good in it. I had a hard time to choosing but I decided to stick to his dresses because there are IT!!




A continuation of Sonia Rykiel but adding some YSL and how can we not after his wonderful exhibition in Paris? It influenced so many. With this collection, I wanted the flowing dresses to swoosh around me like I used to make them do when I was a little girl. Watch how the great Karlie Kloss just dominates the dress with her fantastic strut!

This sweet combination is also worth noting……


I flashed on some great black sandals!!


A mixture of timeless classics, I love the leather and lace being once again reunited. The RALPH crew know how to keep it from being theatrical and I really enjoy the accessories as much as the pieces.



A “BLASS” from my past….. and much to my surprise. I liked quite a few pieces for this season. From office chic to casual Fridays, there was a clean lines that work. Not to forget the little dress-up dress mixed with some fabulous SHOES!!! I would easily wear these outfits.


With another clean and crisp designer, I end my New York virtual shopping spree with a few key pieces. The simple lines, very wearable clothing is America’s sense of design and Chad Ralph Rucci is no exception. All ages could wear any of these outfits but it is best worn if we are slim. No chubby bellies!

This Barbie is now preparing for her next virtual reality shopping spree in London!  Brilliant!!

Photo credits: © Yannis Vlamos, © Monica Feudi, © Marcus Tondo / GoRunway.com, Courtesy of Bill Blass, Rick Guidotti / Courtesy of Chado Ralph Rucci