The Classic Question I Have Heard More than Any Other is “… Do you Think I can Model?”

A Short, But Sweet Rant…”Can I Model?”

After more years in this business than I want to say, one of the classic lines I have heard more than any other is “… Do you think I can model?”

glamour model @ Dylan Fashion

It has gotten to the point when I get asked “THE” question, I shirk and want to run as quickly as I can from the scenario and pretend that it really didn’t happen. I, probably like most of us being confronted with that question, generally don’t feel comfortable being asked “THAT”.

So, the next time one of you out there considering this “BIZ” from the receiving end of the lens and want to ask us “THAT” question, consider this… It is a responsibility that many of us Fashion Photographers would rather not wish to be part of.

My advise to you interested in getting in to the modeling part of this “BIZ”  would be this;  go to a Model Agency and ask them. They know how to deal with “THAT” question.

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