Fashion Fascists Or Pseudo Journalism?

You Decide…My Rant of the Month.

I had a very interesting experience today. I am running a blog that rather than many blogs out there, actually posts original material. Most of the Fashion Blogs out there scan what is being published and informs the audience of the news.

Very few of them are actually writing pertinent information relating to his field. Well, being that what they are doing is suppose to be reporting on magazines of consequence and those of lesser importance as well, I put out a standard newsletter announcing an editorial of mine in one of the largest circulation fashion magazines in the world and perhaps the number one in China. It is Harper’s BAZAAR and it was our “Fly Me to the Moon” story. I know this sounds pompously arrogant, but if they can publish L’Officiel why not Bazaar?

Now this blog, which I will mention shortly had published via their classic copy and paste techniques  the  magazine editorials they felt worthy of publishing as well as the model and photographer credits.  To our surprise  they responded to our press release notice as a submission which they rejected. It was not a submission, but a newsletter. I found this amusing as we had our 14 page story published in hard copy in over 750,000 issues and on the internet throughout China already, so being rejected by your standard fare blog was of no consequence what so ever.

What I did find surprising however was how non-journalistic this blog was in not covering what they do all the time and that is the sharing of what  the monthly magazines have on offer.

If it were not for those magazine or blogs like Anne of Carversville, Garrence Doré, The Sartorialist and a handful of others that do publish original material, there would be no original material to speak of. You would have all of these blogs just regurgitating the same information ad infinitum until the tap totally dried up. These copy & paste blogs will eventually start to wither away once the public realizes that original material is what these blogs thrive on and leave only the very few that will float to the top of the smegma heap.

Frédérique invented a new name for these types of blogs The Scannerists“.

You may also find this response interesting at Anne of Carversville‘s web site.

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