The Politics of Fashion Photography Part 10 Cultural Diversity

The Importance of Cultural and Intellectual Diversity in the Team

I have had an opportunity to observe many different works by many photographers and what has struck me of late is the diversity in dimension of this microcosm of society . Of course this is a mirroring of the range of characteristics in the society as a whole. But my reasons for bringing this observation forward has more to do with the demands I make on myself to grow and enrich my life experience by associating with individuals who might enrich the value of our projects with their input.

Am I doing some sort of subliminal profiling? I think I am. I was watching an LA Fashion Photographer who has her own blog state during one of her making of video’s that she didn’t want her shoot to look too “LA”. Although she is a native Angeleno she wanted to distance herself from that stigma. I understand her reasoning, but felt that the results did not really reflect that desire. If you haven’t the necessary culture, it is a rather daunting task when you haven’t the cultural vocabulary for doing so.

I find that surrounding myself with highly educated and culturally rich individuals add a wonderfully profound layer to what I am seeking to accomplish and I have been pleasantly surprised on many occasions by the outcome of my shoots due to this aspect of a production.

As has been said often, “The greater the vocabulary the richer your life…” and I don’t necessarily mean financially. This applies to all of the Arts as can be witnessed to a greater degree in cinema and literature.

So the next time you are putting a theme together for that important editorial of yours, consider all of the components of your team.

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