Paris Street Fashion Stuff #4 by Isa Maïsa

As a designer, I love watching people in the streets of Paris. The other day by the l’Arc de Triomphe, I noticed this young woman walk past me in a wonderful eggplant colored dress with a deep watermelon colored pumps. The gorgeous color combination of her outfit gave her a fresh look with the BOLD colors, a trend we are seeing in this summer with today’s beauty products. I had to take a picture of her.

Bolting to catch up with her, I asked for her information as I took her picture. It turns out she works for Louis Vuitton which made total sense to me.  Her look was very Marc Jacobs. Her choice of colors were strong, adding impact to her clean and simple lines. The Italian pumps had his signature little bow we have seen in his past shoe collections and the great color that is in Paul Smith‘s S/S 2010 collection. With barely any accessories except the headphone, she wore simple smock cut dress from Alain Manoukian could have very well been a Marc Jacob style dress. The (her) handbag was discreet which follows an article I wrote about how in today’s market, brash & opulent branding is seen as insensitive. I loved Fantine VAZ-PINTO’s no-fuss look.