The Politics of Fashion Photography Part 8 Don’t Shit on Your Doorstep

Don’t Shit on Your Door Step

Well, most of you are probably thinking “…yeah, that is pretty obvious…”, but in actual fact, I have been shit on by several people in my life that may have benefited by my input, knowledge, connections etc… But rather than being somewhat  diplomatic, they decided to go in to some kind of offensive diatribe, leaving a pretty bad taste in my mouth regarding my feelings about them.  Now, I may be a small cog in this rather large machine, but you can never really know what can happen.

I say this, because of the nature of this business, which is fickle in the best case scenario, I suggest that no matter where you are, remember this, “a vengeful caustic comment, can go a lot further in besmirching your reputation than you can probably imagine…”

I used myself as an example, as I rarely hold a grudge. I turn the page a lot faster than most. But be warned, most people do hold grudges and if your name were to ever come up in a conversation and that conversation went south because of an offhanded remark you made to someone who is now in a position of influence, you have probably already lost the gig and for a very long time.

So a word of advice… Don’t shit on your door step. This Biz hasn’t a lot of space on the landing, if you catch my drift.


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