Feedback from a fashion forum member

I just wanted to share this letter I received from a fashion forum member named Pierre Burnaugh…

by: Pierre Burnaugh

Hi Benjamin,

I just want to say I really appreciate and learn a lot from your posts here on MM, your blog etc. I am so happy to have a resource for the knowledge and insight that you share. In addition, your work is great! I love the behind the scenes video and hope you will indeed post more of that also. I learn so much from those behind the scenes videos and am addicted to scouring the web for good ones.

I just came across you and your work within the last few weeks and so glad I have.
It amazes me the amount of jealousy and negative energy that seems to surface when you post something. I read with joy how a lot of would-be detractors try to challenge your topics, statements and sharing with ignorance and stupidity. I find my self laughing out loud when you shut them up with your experience and knowledge of the game.

The thing is, sometimes people ought to shut up, listen and learn. If they disagree, do so civilly and not with hostility and still be ready to listen and learn. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing. Please continue as you see fit. I’m sure I’m not the only one out here who appreciates it. Just wanted to let you know.

Thank You,

P.S. I’m sure it’s at least crossed your mind but you should do a book on Fashion Photography. Your no-nonsense, straight forward post  on How to Break in to Fashion Photography was so informative for me. Of course it’s different for every one but at least I now have a sort of structural roadmap and idea to try my own journey with.

Pierre Burnaugh

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