Corduroy… It’s hot!

Corduroy is one of my all time favorite fabrics! It brings me back to when I was a kid where I owned several kick ass corduroy outfits. maxi dress

Loved my maxi dress (haven’t heard that word in a long time). Wore it to death. Or my orange elephant pants! I felt soooooooo groovy…

I believe we will be seeing corduroy in the upcoming collections. Corduroy will even be used in evening wear. Don’t you see the “perfect stinking little black dress” in a luscious corduroy? I F…ing do! And what a time for corduroy to have its comeback in our current and global economic situation. For me, corduroy is a “comfort” fabric like fleece was to another generation. Soft, lush, practical and chic. It brings me (us) to a past where I (we) felt better if not at least Ok and we all need to feel better today. Don’t we?

Lord knows corduroy has always been around throughout our incredible history and was documented as early as The Revolutionary War. Personally I love the image of Janis Joplin wearing a wonderful pair of corduroy pants. HOT!!!!!!! And it is so NOW!! Or the Gee Bend Quilts.

janis-joplin-corduroyGee Bend Quilts & Janis Joplin wearing her red velvet pinstrip pants

WOW! Just for your information, I cried at that quilt exhibit because it was one of the most awesome shows I have seen! And finally the “corduroy pants” that The County Seat retail chain so perfectly iconized in all the wondrous colors of the rainbow at one point or another. Are not the off white and black cordoroy pants still classics? Give me a break!

Anyway, enough said. Let’s see what we shall see?

stevemcqueenbeatlescorduroySteve McQueen wearing corduroy jacket

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