“Why I Won’t Shoot for Free”…

I wanted to share my RANT with you via this incredible Video with Author Harlan Ellison.  One of the Sci-Fi Greats.

He mirrors my sentiments perfectly.  The only difference is I would swear a lot MORE!!!

I think I have paid my dues.  Don’t insult my intelligence and ask me to do a job for free!

Are you listening?

Watch the Harlan Ellison Interview: 

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8 thoughts on ““Why I Won’t Shoot for Free”…

  1. suzanne lindsay says:

    Do any of these scenarios sound familiar????

  2. Björn Luminaire says:

    Completely agree Ben. …..Saying something has PR value or it’ll be good exposure is a euphemism cheap greedy selfish, SOB’s like to use, when what they really mean is “WE WANT IT FOR FREE!” That’s fucking great! Then show it’s creator appreciation & value by paying them!

  3. Michelle Aristocrat says:

    Yes! This is where I am at the point of my work- I know this is an old article but I’ve been shooting for two years, featured in Marie Claire and Vogue China but people still don’t want to pay. It is truly frustrating at times. 

    I adore your work and blogs Ben- please give us photogs who love what they do more about the biz and how to connect with the right people for jobs. (Jobs.. not free work) I need some wisdom from the professionals… 

    Thank you! 

  4. It is exactly how I feel when I am being asked to do freebies ‘for exposure’ and to ‘get a foot in the door’. 🙂 OMG I guess I wull add this video to my website. 🙂

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  6. Steven Aiello says:

    Wow this is absolutely AMAZING!

  7. Olivier Paul T. says:

    Hi Ben,
    What is for free costs nothing, what is free, mean nothing is value isn’t a plus. The nature of your creations involve so many people who are professionnals that develop skills, you can’t do for free. i’m admirative of your compositions that everytime involve a full professionnnal workflow crew, long life to this kind of artistic creation!

  8. Ben, I loved that video! He’s totally correct everything costa money all up and down the supply chain and “free” does not come into it. In fact I only believe in “value-added” effort if it produces tangible / predictable future revenue. It really reminded me of my favorite line from “Goodfellas” -> “F-U Pay Me!”

    – Marq

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