Phoenix, Only the Great Groups Leave France

Only the “Great Groups” Leave France

Here goes… and I have been wanting to say this for such a long time… and yeah, this is to YOU the French Music IndustryNepotism works… If you don’t believe me, look at the artists being signed and those that don’t or finally have to leave France to find more receptive ears. It works like this in the “Record Industry” in France. If you know so & so and are Fucking so & so or Kissing so & so’s ass then perhaps you might get the kind of crumb’s necessary so as not to starve.

The people who control the French music scene have absolutely no idea about what “Contemporary Music” actually means. How can they, they are still living in a glass house and will not leave in fear of it breaking when the door closes behind them. The whole French Music industry is based on fear and not invention. Most of the record executives  are followers, who wait for the next big thing to come along and then produce a CLONE that sounds similar to what was the original concept.

Want to get signed by the French Record A&R’s. LEAVE FRANCE, get exposure in Canada, the States or the UK. When they sign you, they will act as if it was because of them that they signed your project for a French release.

I have met some very despicable characters like one “Big” executive from a very universal record label. He couldn’t see a hit if it ran over him. You know the kind. He lost his integrity after puberty. Raped of all of his passion and love of a craft that he could not excel in, so the next best thing is to project his self deprecating id on those that are really talented.

The French do great Cinema, Fashion, Industrial Design, Cuisine, Architecture and so much more… But when it comes to contemporary music, leave it to those who really have ears!

Oh sorry, I forgot… You do have Johnny Hallyday (for those of you who do not know him here is one of his big hits. The music might sound familiar to you).

Here is a group that did leave France and thank God they did! “Phoenix”

Phoenix – Everything Is Everything by emimusicfrance

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