The Classic Question I Have Heard More than Any Other is "… Do you Think I can Model?"

A Short, But Sweet Rant…”Can I Model?”

After more years in this business than I want to say, one of the classic lines I have heard more than any other is “… Do you think I can model?”

glamour model @ Dylan Fashion

It has gotten to the point when I get asked “THE” question, I shirk and want to run as quickly as I can from the scenario and pretend that it really didn’t happen. I, probably like most of us being confronted with that question, generally don’t feel comfortable being asked “THAT”.

So, the next time one of you out there considering this “BIZ” from the receiving end of the lens and want to ask us “THAT” question, consider this… It is a responsibility that many of us Fashion Photographers would rather not wish to be part of.
My advise to you interested in getting in to the modeling part of this “BIZ”  would be this;  go to a Model Agency and ask them. They know how to deal with “THAT” question.
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  1. You know Benjamin I’m not pro photographer but even down here on the bottom it seems all girls want to be a model and the sad thing is they think it is so easy and they never put any work into it. I’ve shot a few real models and I can say it is like heaven. You don’t have to coach them, force them, or manipulate them into poses. Real models just do it. Every little move they make is a shot and it just flows so awesome. So the answer to your question I would say is no…not everyone can model sure there are a lot of pretty people in this world that can take good pictures but it takes a person with real talent to be a model…they just have that… je ne’ cest pas…

    1. I’d have to agree. The real ones make me look good and I swear I turn into a point and shooter. I point and then shoot. It’s so not work.
      The ones who ‘look’ like they could be great, turn out to want to get paid. ‘Ah, your port looks like crap. Except, that cellphone pics and your drunk and your boyfriend/bff hit you with the p.o.s. camera they picked up at Walmart and then impale you with the request that you use this to get ‘paying modeling gigs’, don’t count.
      You want to get paid? Act like a pro.
      I’ll pay you a compliment, for free!

  2. Via osmosis being around you all of these years,I’ve learned a lot about what it takes for someone to be a model . Occasionally when I meet someone and they tell me that their friend,or cousin or lover or they themselves are models I ask for specifics. Are they catalogue, runway models? High fashion? Hand,foot or eyebrow models? That’s the usual thing here in LA. If someone is good looking they immediately think they will be become models or actors. Remember when I arrived in Paris and we went to that Agency party? Every beautiful girl I pointed out , were not fashion model material according to you! interesting!
    Oh, and I loved that one casting at the apartment with the endless parade of incredibly tall ,incredibly gorgeous Russian models and that one really loud American girl. She really impressed us with her dead on impersonation of an obnoxious,tacky,slut! I remember you giving me that furtive glance when she sat down and started talking! If memory serves me, every sphincter in your body tightened with every word that jettisoned from that loud mouth! At least she left an impression.

  3. In all fairness, I believe that someone out there would make a killing putting out a “real world” fashion mag. It would be full of editorial featuring fashion worn by “normal” humans struggling with eating disorders,psychological problems,financial problems,issues,unhappy marriages and relationships,crises,self loathing,insecurity and anything else side stepped and avoided in the rarified atmosphere of high fashion and celebrity. If your normal in appearance,or handsome or beautiful but perhaps not “perfect”, slightly overweight, not perfect skin,not over six feet tall, obviously enjoy eating,then perhaps YOU TOO could be a model!!
    The magazine could be called La Norme. The predominantly male version could just be Norm.
    Just a thought……seriously….can I be the Artistic Director? Wait (weight!), screw AD, I could be the Spoke’s Model!

    1. I want to be the model photographer.
      I have a Diana.
      And a roll of film.
      It’s from 1980, though.
      The film, that is.

  4. I think booking a diner,scrap yard, Wal Mart in Boise Idaho might work for the first shoot!

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