The Politics Of Fashion Photography Part 28 One Bad Day Equals a Lifetime

One Day One Lifetime

Just one very short and succinct bit of advice. This is a bit longer than one line, so I will place it in the Politics of Fashion category.

At all costs try to always be on your best behavior, because as Karl Lagerfeld so aptly said,

There is NO justice in the Fashion Business.

If you Fuck up once in this business the chances are that one bad day can equal a lifetime of rejection from that source, even if you were misread or misunderstood.

I will preface that I am NOT part of the above ilk or practitioner of the above philosophy, in that I always give people the famous three chances before they are out… I would love to list all of those individuals I did give three chances to and they still didn’t get it. Likewise, I would love to one day list all of those I knew who practiced the “one chance” and you are out philosophy. You know who you are…

So remember One Bad Day Could Equal a Lifetime and sometimes it is one strike and you are OUT…

A caveat as of July 22, 2012:

To add to this, I have actually known of people in this business who never met me or knew nothing of me other than heresy and a life sentence was still passed.

Karl, your words ring truer than ever…

Peace, Love and Understanding

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