My Live and Learn Moment 3 Do Not Name Drop

Name Dropping

I won’t go in to a lengthly diatribe, or at least I will try not to. But in my Business, public relations is the most important part of the game.

When you meet someone who knows someone that you met, or at least they say they do, I suggest before even considering sharing the fact that you do as well, consider the context. Anything you might say whether good or bad and in my case it was a glaring endorsement with sugar lined accolades, could be misconstrued as a form of solicitation. How you might ask? Well, image that the person you just had a conversation with, met that other person and said I met so and so who said so and so about you.

Well you can’t really know in which context your name came up. Could it be that that person said “he said he knows you or met you or said this about you…” and that person of influence might think, “aha, using me as a tool to aid in getting something via the back door or front door or what ever door available…” You can never tell the reason one might mention your name in association with another name unless you are there to witness the context. In the final analysis, it could totally misunderstood.

Don’t mention who you know until you know who you are sitting in front of. It might blow up in your face!

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