The Benjamin Kanarek Blog 2010 Camera Awards

Well can you believe it?  It feels like yesterday when we had our first “The Benjamin Kanarek Blog 2009 Camera Awards” contest!
Here are my choices of the year and their standing.  Don’t ask me why, because my answer will be BECAUSE.  Just kidding! The runners up are at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at
If you see any omissions, they may have been a contestant in the 2009 contest link below.
The Benjamin Kanarek Blog 2009 Camera Awards

The 2010 Benjamin Kanarek Blog Camera Awards Winners Are…

For My Favorite Entry Level DSLR:
Canon EOS 550 (EOS Rebel T2i/Kiss X4)
An incredibly capable 18 mega pixel camera that performs as well as the Canon 7D and produces magnificent HD Video at Full resolution. Very clean output up to 3200 iso.  So reasonably priced, you can get two of them for around the price of one EOS 60D.  All in all, the best bang for the buck entry level DSLR on the market. Get the Grip if you have large hands. Oh and if you can, definitely pick up their 50 mm f1.8 standard lens, a must for shooting in low light conditions and want to take advantage of that “Blown Out” of focus background look.

For My Favorite Intermediate to High End APS-C DSLR:
Pentax K5
This 16.4 megapixel camera made of magnesium is capable of shooting at a maximum of 51,200 iso, water resistant and is built like a tank.  The output is breathtaking and competes with some of the Full Frame DSLR’s out there. In fact, I doubt if 99% of Pro users could tell the difference between a 5D MkII and the K5 on an A3+ print. This is the camera the K7 could have been but wasn’t.  Shoots in Full HD Video with stereo mic input.  The K5 with a set of Pentax Ltd Pancake lenses makes a great compact travel kit.

For My Favorite 4/3rd and Non-DSLR format Camera:
Sony Alpha NEX-5
An incredibly compact and capable 14.3 mega pixel large sensor camera that can play with the Big Boys in their field. The output is incredible in both still photos and HD Video.  Clean output up to 3200 iso and acceptable at 6400 iso.  In fact one of the best in the market as of this writing.  A must have is the 18-200 mm and 16mm Pancake lenses.

For My Favorite High End Pro Camera
Pentax 645D
The Pentax  645D should be called the “Pentax Tsunami”. This is the camera that is putting FEAR in to the Full Frame DSLR 35 mm camera brands as well as all of the Medium Format camera manufacturers.  Once they have their lens arsenal up to speed, they will be a tough act to follow.  For a 40 mega pixel, under $10K Medium Format camera that is backward lens compatible (takes most Pentax lenses and different format Pentax lenses with adapter), it is an awesome deal. In fact, I expect to see street prices start to drop for the body only around the beginning of Spring 2011 at around the $8.5K mark. When that happens, all stops are out!

Here is the Summary
My Favorite Entry Level DSLR’s are the following:
1. Canon EOS 550 (EOS Rebel T2i/Kiss X4)
2. Pentax K-r
3. Nikon D3100
4. Sony Alpha DSLR-A390
My Favorite Intermediate to High End APS-C DSLR’s are the following:
1. Pentax K5
2. Nikon D7000
3. Canon EOS 60D
4. Sony Alpha SLT-A55
My Favorite 4/3rd and Non-DSLR format Camera’s are the following:
1. Sony Alpha NEX-5
2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2
3. Olympus PEN E-PL1
4. Sony Alpha NEX-3
My Favorite High End Pro Camera’s are the following:
1. Pentax 645D
2. Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
3. Nikon D3S
4. Leica M9
Till Next Year and have a Very Happy New Year!

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