Caroline Reuter is The Queen of Hearts for STYLE SCMP by Benjamin Kanarek

In this Royal exposé, Queen Reuter is in her Royal garb and is in waiting in the Castle Raphael in Paris. Lingering anxiously for her Love,  the Prince is Right. She is pining for the day when her Royal prize arrives on time to take her on their Royal escapade to that far away land on the other side of the rainbow…stay tuned for more.

This fairy tale was filmed by Her Highness Princess Frédérique Renaut of High Bretagne and captured by Baron Benjamin Kanarek of Polska for SCMP STYLE magazine in the Kingdom of Hong.

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Video filmed by Frédérique Renaut


Photographer Benjamin Kanarek

Photo Direction Benjamin Kanarek and Frédérique Renaut

Stylist Julien Mazzoli

Models Caroline Reuter @ Oui Management Paris

Hair Stylist Yann Turchi @ B Agency Paris

Makeup Phophie Mathias @ Open Talent Paris


Executive Production CRC Communication

Special thanks to The Hotel Raphael Paris

Soundtrack The Bucarest Cafe by Akoviani ©