Glorious Glowing Gold and Molten Magic Metal Fashion Trends

Hello Everyone!

All that know me, know that I am so excited about whats coming up for Spring 2012. Yes this is a very distant look into the future!!  All I want to share with you is how excited I was when I experienced this beautiful Spring 2012 collection from Hervé Léger. So if you don’t know his name by now…  I’m not sure what planet you just arrived from, but welcome to planet earth!

What took me back when I saw this awesome collection was the beautiful sexy array of colors. When viewing this collection I was taken back to the roman era & for some reason, I begun to think of the movie Troy. Hervé Léger took an approach that I feel is gracefully empowering for women by mixing bold bronzed colors with a dash of innocence. For instance, imagine silver golds & mustard yellows dipped in rustic bronze enveloped into a body hugging dress. Intense! These colors are so unique for spring because usually we are bombarded with bright brights and neutral pastels. Blah~!   

 O.K. so, you must still be wondering why I choose to totally skip winter !!!  Well lets just  say I have my reasons and that being this sexy color palette~!  I truly feel that this color trend will present itself throughout the winter and slowly become more prominent once Spring hits us. For example you may have seem to notice that even designers such as Bottega Veneta already incorporates these colors by teaming them up with clean lines & detailed cuts glazed with refined texture resulting a conservative approach.

Whats amazing is if you even take a look at the Christian Dior Ready To Wear Winter 2011 Collection, you will begin to see these hot colors make a bold yet grand appearance.

So Sexy!!

Moving on this is my reflecting look into whats happening  and what you can do to incorporate these already insane colors into your wardrobe and be just one step ahead of it all:


Now plenty of us do not carry the Hervé Léger budget and for this very reason I prepared a semi-affordable style-board to help get you started. Keep in mind if you stick to the color scheme, you can’t possibly go wrong. You have rustic bronzes, tans, topaz, mustard yellows, deep blood reds, deep golds, true browns, salmon pinks & silvers. There is so much you can do with this color scheme its ridiculous!

So, take these colors and slowly work them in so that you can to warm up your winter wardrobe. There are no limitations!  Just remember to always keep it simple! Because simple is always hot & ready to wear!

ciao lovelies

Post written by Vilayna Lasalle from vasilikistudio