Fashion Photographer DeMarcus Allen shoots Taking Off

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

DeMarcus Allen Paris based Fashion Photographer shot “Taking Off” with Model Hinarani de Longeaux at Marilyn Models, in the outskirts of Paris for the fall edition of T&M Magazine from Toronto.

Jacket-wool cloth and raffia embroidered with pearls: Etienne Jeanson, Fur lined Boots: Walter Steiger, Corset: Bordelle with Placement in Cage

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Jacket in wool and embroidered raffia of pearl: Etienne Jeanson

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Jacket in wool and embroidered raffia of pearl: Etienne Jeanson

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Dress: Mal Aimée, Bra: Bordelle de chez Mise en Cage, gloves in Leather:  Lanvin

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Cage dress: Freyagushi with Placement in Cage, Bra: Bordelle de chez Mise en Cage, Corset to nails, New York Sex Trash with Placement in Cage, Shoes: Walter Steiger

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Sleeveless coat: Mal Aimée, Necklace: Vintage

Hinarani de Longeaux © DeMarcus Allen

Assymetrical coat: Mal Aimée, Leotard in black fringe: Electric Ibiza chez Mise en Cage, Belt varnished leather with flat knot: Lanvin. Bracelets: KMO jewlery

Team Credits:

Photographer: DeMarcus Allen

Model:  Hinarani de Longeaux (Marilyn).

Stylist:  Sarah Cazeneuve

Hair/Make Up: Fabien Paquet

Digital Retouch: Christelle Cossart

About DeMarcus Allen

I’m from Virginia in the US (city of Norfolk), and I left when I was 17 to play college football at the University of Kentucky. After that, I went to play professionally in Chicago, but I got hurt. After trying for a few other teams, I kept having the same problem of hurting my leg, so I decided to stop. At the same time, I started to get into modeling, with the “push” from friend and Paris photographer Ernest Collins.

Eventually, I decided to move to Paris in 2009 to try to find an agency and go from there. However, when I got here, I was so stressed and nervous that I had terrible acne, so could not do any photos. I took a break from modeling and just hung around Ernest’s photo shoots in Paris. I had bought a D-SLR before leaving the US, so I could take photos and send to my family. So I started to send them photos all the time of landscape and architecture stuff, and eventually got sick of e-mail, so I made a website (easier for them to access). With that, I started to get bored with landscape photos, and so I wanted to shoot models.

But all of them, of course, told me “no”, as I didn’t have a book. I eventually did a shoot with my girlfriend, who is French, and received not-so-bad reviews from Ernest and other photographers/models I knew in Paris. I had been helping as his assistant since moving to Paris, and so when I started shooting models, I did less assisting and more of my own shooting. One short year later, after starting photography with models (and 1 year and a half using a camera), here I am :)🙂

I’m currently wanting to do more magazines to be able to show more of my work, which, to me, is a mix of American and French photography. I’ve worked with a lot of agencies in France, New York & London, including Next, Marilyn, Elite, City, VIP, Premier, MC2 & Trump. Now I’m at the point of trying to expand to do more magazines in both the US & France, and also other places.

For “style”, it’s really hard I guess to describe my “style”. I’ve shot men, but I prefer women. I’ve always loved elegance in a woman and sexiness, but without being trashy. Also, you can see through a lot of my photos that I did landscape photography before, as I rarely shoot in studio. I think the surroundings are equally important for the mood, and while I don’t “dislike” studio shooting, I just find that there’s not as much of a mood or emotion to bring to the table.

I’m not too too big on “posing” the models, as I like them to be themselves a bit in front of the camera so it doesn’t look too “fake” I guess

About Frederique Renaut
Born in Paris, France, Fashion & Beauty Director for Frédérique Renaut wears 2 hats: 1/ Consultant in Communication for the Luxury Industry specialized in International Communication, Media & Advertising, 2/ Creative Direction, Video Direction for Fashion and Beauty shoots for publications like VOGUE & Harper's BAZAAR. She has also worked as an International Executive Manager for major cosmetics brands (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Narciso Rodriguez fragrances) and Couture Houses (Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Féraud & Givenchy by Alexander McQueen).