Life’s Too Short

Life’s Too Short © Studio Muntz

Sometimes in a temporary lapse of hopefulness I feel

The hands of Time wrap it’s rusted steel fingers around my throat trying to choke

the life I never chose out of me

How can you be so mistaken Father Time?

I thought you knew it all wiseguy,

Getting a little slow are we?

Right under your wrinkled old nose

I’ve been living the stealth life that I wanted

I never liked or wanted the life you gave me!

It only became a decoy to fool your jaundiced ancient eyes

Can I have a second chance?

If so, I promise I’ll take it and do it all over again

Exactly the same

I’ll piss on the life you give me

All the while faking it to

shield the one I’m really living

You can’t have it! It’s mine!

Now fuck off and go do your mortality thing somewhere else

on somebody more deserving of your attention

Now who’s the bigger fool Mr Tick Tock?

Me who arrogantly thinks he can fool Father Time

and his pleasuring partner The Hand Of Fate?

Or You Father Time,who actually thinks I give a shit?

Anyways, It’s all an illusion right?

Oh Old Father Time you cruel, sardonic pathetic asshole

you and your Napoleonic Complex

have always been” much too short!”

Wait ‘til your wife Lady Life finds out that you have

“Short” changed Her too!

There’ll be Hell to pay here on Earth

You’’ll have to pull The Hand Of Fate

outta your heavenly white robe

And stand up and fight like the little old man that you are!

And if it makes you feel superior

you can always take me outta here when ever you want!

Go ahead !

But we’ll both know that while I was here,

I was always taller than you!

And you? You’ll always be “much too short!”

And beaten up by Little Old Lady Life to boot!

I guess the truth hurts!

Hickory dickory dock

I’m pissing all over your clock

You can have me when I’m good and done

What’s your hurry?

We both know you’ve made Lady Life much “too short”

Don’t worry, I won’t tell her

Now go and get me a drink bitch!

Marvin Kanarek

Life’s Too Short © Stivers 2005

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