Wet Hair Care Tips and Tricks

Charlotte di Calypso for VOGUE Italia © Miles Aldridge

There are a few tips and tricks that many women underestimate when they get in and out of the shower, some maybe the solution to their problem.

When hair is wet it is the most fragile and vulnerable to breakage. Wet hair, should be treated with care almost like a 100 year old piece of lace, this is because your hair becomes much more stretchable and when tugged, it may cause healthy hair to turn into hair that is damaged and full of spilt ends—and who really wants to touch breakable hair? No one.

Charlotte di Calypso for VOGUE Italia © Miles Aldridge

When in the shower, shampoo the whole head while only conditioning the bottom half of your hair, this will allow the roots to create volume with dimension and a less oily scalp. During this process, many women will start combing their hair “just to distribute product evenly” or to detangle when really the comb is pulling the scalp, which destroys the hair’s natural follicles. Do not comb!

Color treated hair, should always be maintained and frequent in conditioning. Using a color treated repair shampoo and conditioner will not only maintain the color but also protects the color from the sun’s harmful rays with UVA protectant—Yes ladies, go the extra cents to take your hair to the next level. This also means staying away from the 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

Getting out the shower… Females… Never “ put towel over your head and start rubbing against the hair” instead dab/pat or gently scrunch (for beach tousled hair) with your towel. A cotton pillowcase or towel may come in handy as it takes away static, which causes hair to frizz up. Putting some leave in conditioner can also soften and detangle the hair (but remember not on the roots!). Also, leave your hair to air-dry before going straight to the blow-dryer, doing your make up first will give you less heat time and more air time.

 Next time while in the shower think of these simple tips and it can take a huge difference in your hair’s strength, texture, color and volume. Happy scrubbing everyone!