Jade Griffin, BKBlog Beauty Contributor, Feeling Good: Less is More!

We wish to extend a very warm welcome to Jade Griffin our new Benjamin Kanarek Blog Beauty Contributor. We hope that you enjoy her blog posts and looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.

The Benjamin Kanarek Blog Team


When it comes down to choosing the right amount of hair mousse or bronzer, less is always more!

Applying on make up or hair product, putting on small amounts will not only save you on cost but also accentuates natural beauty without over- caking. It is important for women to know that cosmetic products are just there to bring out the best in our features so that the product does not overly empower what’s truly underneath.

Model and BKBlog Beauty Contributor Jade Griffin © Fadli Rahman

Start with a bare minimum, you may gradually build up more as to putting on too much and having to re-do your whole beauty routine all over again—that can be quite frustrating! Some of the make up products that I have encountered that truly dignifies “ Less is more” are eyeliner, foundation, eye-shadow, powder and shimmer while some hair products that can over- weigh hair include, gel, wax, mousse and leave in conditioner. All these cosmetic products can change a woman’s features too excessively—This too can definitely scare off your man once you throw in that remover towel.

As I took the hard road of limiting the amount of make up I used, I am still a perfectionist. Being a perfectionist does not necessarily mean to be picture perfect like a girl on a Magazine cover, because to be honest, Photoshop and a whole team of professionals are constantly ‘perfecting’ a model’s imperfections—I know this from first hand basis as I am a model myself.

Remember ladies, some women doll up for themselves while most doll up for others. Feeling cheery about yourself does not have to mean a pile of cosmetic products but a whole load of confidence and big smile can go a long way!