Wikileaks Censorship… Should this be the Job of Steve Jobs of Apple?

A Letter to Steve Jobs of Apple by Marv Kanarek

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Dear Mr Jobs;

It is with great regret and disappointment that I have to write this to you during a time of celebration.

I am and have been not only a user of the Apple platform since it’s inception but an admirer of your innovation, spirit and persona. I am part of the creative world (singer-songwriter-producer-performer) who have adopted Apple as it’s preferred vehicle for expression . Perhaps the numbers that represent those that use your computers have been eclipsed by the iPods, iPhones and now the iPads, but I’d like to think that I/We represent a fairly healthy market share.

In speaking with many of my contemporaries in “The Biz” after your announcement regarding removal of the Wikileaks app., you have to know about our profound disappointment in your taking this stand.
Your company’s statement, and I quote verbatim-

“We removed WikiLeaks because it violated developer guidelines. An app must comply with all local laws. It may not put an individual or target group in harm’s way,” is flawed!

Your “developer guidelines” that allegedly embrace local laws and avoid putting any in harm’s way, inspire a few questions..
Firstly ,what laws has Mr Assange and Wikileaks broken? As far as I know he has yet to appear in court to answer any formal charges regarding the “Leaks”. As far as I can tell, his exposes are no different than any other forms of journalism allowed under the precepts of freedom of speech! Your statement implies that he is already guilty without a trial. So Mr Jobs, are you overtly supporting or trying to resurrect the “guilty until proven innocent” philosophy? Is that what you’re saying?

The statement that has now become the “talking points” for those who have much to hide ,and fear the ramifications of the Wikileaks documents, has now apparently been adopted by you and Apple! This argument is still out to jury, yet you have already in your spirit of “guilty until proven innocent” philosophy established that groups and or people have absolutely been put in harms way!

above image courtesy of indymedia

above image courtesy of indymedia

Where were you when Bush lied about WMD Mr Jobs? It has been and was documented prior to him lying us into war that there was NO WMD in Iraq! Not only did HE place a group in harm’s way, THEY lost their lives! Between our military and innocent Iraqi citizens, hundreds of thousands died! I realize I digress here, and am waxing political, but you are making very serious allegations, NO, you are actually accusing Assange! Prematurely I might add! Are you saying Assange is guilty of the same? That’s absolutely ridiculous! I know you’re much smarter than that!

What happened to the guy sharing that garage with Wozniak so many years ago? Have you lost your way and your principles?

I am very disappointed Mr. jobs

Respectfully a probable ex-Apple user
Marvin Kanarek

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