The Buzz #1 My Baby Blues

I am as much of a shoe lover as the next. Even though I do not collect them, I definitely stake them out. The other day I happen come to upon an incredible pair of midnight blue pumps which I shall be designing my Autumn/Winter wardrobe around. The kicker was they were knocked down 70% off their retail price. Blinking twice to make sure I was not mistaken, I snatched them immediately and I could not wait to wear them!!

What I love about these shoes is the design with a nice solid heel and rounded toe. In my opinion, this gives it a fashion longevity. I hate buying pieces that quickly go out of style, loving instead items that pass the test of time and I forward to these being with me for quite some years.

Taking Sun in “My Baby Blues”

I have been wearing them for the past few days to give you my Personal Consumer Report.

If they are as comfortable as they are sexy and chic, it is a God send for us shoe fanatics. To really test the Hell out of them, I drove in my little stick shift car, walked all over town, up and down stairs and whatever else I do in a typical day with impressive results. A perfect fit!! I could not believe I did not even have a “new pair of shoe” blister!!!

Here are my ratings:

Appearance: 9.5.

I feel chic and very sexy in them.  Ladies, they are great pair of work shoes for this coming season.

Quality:  8.

Being Italian-made, the quality stands with the outer and inner shoe made of leather. The sole is a nice anti-slip rubber. The heel is leather exterior but I don’t know if it is not covering a plastic core. Remember that the Italian shoe size is a size smaller then in France. For example, a French shoe size 39 equals a Italian shoe size 38.

Comfort: 8.5.

Having worn these babies for a few days, I can honestly say they are as comfortable as they are good looking.

Price:  9.5.

I paid 41,70 euros for them from 139 euros. Honestly, I was shocked they were that cheap because I would have spent more on them!!

Fashion life:  9.

This pair of shoes will not be outdated quickly. I realize we are still in the wedge-heel scene which will continue for a few seasons but if you look at Prada‘s, Sonia Rykiel‘s, Dior‘s shoes for the Autumn-Winter collections, they showed shoes with thicker heels and a nice rounded toe. These shoes would fit right in the A/W 2010-11 fashion trend.

Heads up because there may soon be very little size choices for the ladies in the HOUSE!!  I found these at the San Marina on 82, rue du Faubourg St. Antoine, Paris 12th district.

The reference is:   Cosmo brand – Meissa Bleu. Original price was 139 euros knocked down to 41,70 euros. Hallelujah!!!

All Photos shot with an iPhone by isa maïsa