Pernille Moeller in VOGUE Brazil by Benjamin Kanarek, Mongolian Fashion Influences

Pernille Moeller Vogue Brazil Beleza by Benjamin Kanarek

In the Steppes of Ulan Bator

At the crossroads of Manchuria and Siberia, in the grassy fields of Mongolia, in the “Khavriin Khavsraga” the wind chill of spring reddens the faces of the nomadic shepherds living in their yurts. Rosy cheekbones and noses, the look of lips cracked from the cold. A powdery foundation from the dusty steppes, wild-flower nails, folk hats, head pieces, rustic jewellery and magnificent colourful tops. Here we are, with Pernille, in Genghis Khan’s Kingdom, in the Steppes of Ulan Bator… Out in the June Issue of VOGUE Brazil 2010.

The Behind the Scene Video

Pernille Moeller Vogue Brazil Beleza © Benjamin Kanarek

Pernille Moeller Vogue Brazil Beleza © Benjamin Kanarek

Pernille Moeller Vogue Brazil Beleza © Benjamin Kanarek

Pernille Moeller Vogue Brazil Beleza © Benjamin Kanarek

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The Team

Photography & Co-Creative Direction: Benjamin Kanarek

Co-Creative Direction & Video: Frédérique Renaut

Model: Pernille Moeller @ Next Agency,

Fashion Editor: Nick Cox

Make-Up by Topolino @ Calliste Agency

Hair by Vincent De Moro @ Agence Aurélien,

Manicure by Typhaine Kersual @ Jed Root

Set Design by Anna Carage @ Dessine-Moi une Vitrine,

Digital Retouch: Freddy Baby, Paris

1st Photo Assistant: Audrey Saulem

2nd Photo Assistant: Thomas Cauchoix

Special Thanks to Jacques Renaut for additional outdoor images.

To Isa Maïsa for all of her support and Marvin Kanarek for providing the music for the video.

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